My name is Serge Jean Jacques. I am a welder and an artist who create costumed design furniture made of PVC pipes. I am an experienced certified welder. I have traveled the United States working for major pipeline companies. From a young age, in my homeland Haiti, I had recognized that I was good at something: create shapes out of anything. With that talent, I have become a rather successful businessman, now living in the United States of America. I am proud to present my unique products, which I can guarantee will fit right in your home.

My story began in Haiti on January 10th, 1965. I was born in the small town of Miragoane to Ms. Sintilia Dumaneau and Mr. Lucien Jean Jacques. Life was not always easy. The ever changing and unstable economy of my country made it very difficult to survive. But I always see the glass half full. Some of my fondest memories of my childhood date back when I was in elementary school. I am told that I was quite the handy boy around school. I remember having the desire to ameliorate the look of my classroom by creating furniture. But this desire will really start coming true in 1981 when I created my first furniture with PVC pipes. That year marked the beginning of my new life. With that talent, I went on being invited to some notable parties to expose my talents. I even was given the opportunity to compete internationally in Europe and the U.S. of A. I competed in Mondial de l’Entrepreunariat de la Jeunesse in Berlin, and Tournee Mondiale des Affaires in Canada. In short, with my talent, I was able to care for my family in such a way that they would never experience the hardship I did.

With years of experience in creating furniture with PVC pipes, I am confident to make that available to population. With the climate changing rapidly, cutting trees does not seem advantageous for Earth. Therefore, my products are a great alternative. Ultimately, we want to see using this eco-friendly way of life spread internationally, in the long run.

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